Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin Dragon Zombie Boss Guide

Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin Jack with his back turned to the melting Zombie Dragon

Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin Jack with his back turned to the melting Zombie Dragon

There are multiple fierce bosses and monsters that you need to defeat in Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin. On your adventure to bring back the light of the crystals to save the kingdom of Cornelia from the darkness, many beasts will stand in your way. You will need to work with your allies to slay anything and anyone who dares to stand in your way.

On your quest to find the Earth Crystal, you will encounter the Dragon Zombie in "Phantoms of the Past". As the name suggests, this is a colossal undead Dragon that uses its rotting flesh as a weapon. The battle happens in quite a confined space, and you can easily find yourself being overwhelmed by the Dragon's attacks. This is where we're going to help.

In this guide, we are going to show you how to beat the Dragon Zombie.

How to Beat the Dragon Zombie

As with most boss fights in the game, battling the Dragon Zombie happens in two parts. We strongly recommend equipping the Mage Job before you face them. We recommend using Jed and Ash for this battle, but Jed and Neon work well too.

Stand Back, Use Magic Attacks - Part One

The Dragon Zombie is quite literally falling apart as you fight it, its decaying flesh is extremely dangerous. It falls off in little pools around it, and you must avoid these. If you run through one, you will be infected for a short amount of time, which will reduce your health slowly. Dodging its lunge attacks is best, but you can block its Poison Breath attacks if you're fast enough. You can tell when it's about to do this as it lowers its head and inhales a dark mist.

The best way to fight this boss is to keep your distance and bombard them with Aeroga attacks (charged Wind attacks). You can do this with the Mage Job. You can also attack the dragon with basic Fire or Wind attacks. Water and Earth-based magic attacks don't seem to do much damage to the beast. However, when you can no longer use your magic attacks, then a long weapon is the best option. The Ronin, Swordsman, and Lancer Jobs are suited to this. Use long weapons to attack the Dragon's head when it's lowered or to slice at its tail. Also, if you find yourself too close to the dragon, swinging your weapon a few times will give you enough time to back away if you hit them.

Also, use Jed and Ash's resonance states to deal damage to the Dragon. It should keep its focus on the duo, which will allow you to charge up your magic attacks before unleashing them.

Once the Dragon's health has worn down halfway, rush forward to use Jack's Soul Burst ability to end the first half of the fight. The Dragon will disappear, but it's by no means over.

Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin Jack vs Dragon Zombie
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Avoid The Goo! - Part Two

The Dragon will reappear in a large pool of dark ooze. It may have lost half of its body, but it's still extremely dangerous. This time, the Dragon can sink into the ground then reappear somewhere else. You can judge where it will appear by watching the ground. If a dark circular shadow starts to appear on the ground, run away as fast as you can. This will be where the Dragon will appear. It will typically try to appear where Jack is standing, so try not to stand still for too long. Also, the pools of ooze will spread out across the entire area, so make sure you're paying attention to where you are running.

When the Dragon is above ground, it will rely mainly on its Poison Breath attack (which you can dodge or block) and melee attacks if you're too close. Again, battling the Dragon using Aeroga (charged Wind attacks) is best. You can use Fire magic attacks too, but Wind does seem to be the best.

This time, you can land several damaging blows to the Dragon themselves with your long weapon. Activate Jed or Ash's resonance ability to get them to attack the Dragon. Then, while it's distracted, slice at the veins of its wings (the bits that look like Spider legs) with your weapon. This will inflict a lot of damage on the Dragon.

If you keep alternating the ranged and close-up attacks, the Dragon will eventually go down. Once it does, rush to it and use Jack's Soul Burst to end the fight.

The Dragon Zombie is just one of the many bosses you need to fight in Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin. Any boss fight is made easier by having the best piece of armour for your chosen Job. You can find out more about this in our Armour Guide. Also, you can check out our guide that explains more about Jobs and Job Trees.

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