Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin Tips and Tricks

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Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin Cornelia Castle

Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin is an action role-playing game that is heavily focused on difficult and intense battles. You play as Jack, a strong warrior who is devoted to seeking out Chaos and destroying it. Alongside your allies, Jed, Ash, Neon, and Sophia, you must find a way to bring back the light of the crystals. If you're too late, the kingdom of Cornelia will be consumed by the darkness.

As you venture through each area in the game, you will face numerous enemies. Even the smallest of enemies can be the ones that kill you. Even though you can alter the difficulty settings to tailor the intensity of each fight to your level, it can still be hard. However, once you know a few basics about combat and how the game works, it can become much easier.

In this guide, we are going to show you some tips and tricks to help you survive your time in Stranger of Paradise.

Tips and Tricks

Here are some useful tips and tricks to help you survive your time in the game.

Use the Soul Shield

Your soul shield lets you steal abilities from some enemies when they fire them at you (such as Stone attacks from Goblins). You can then use any ability that you have stolen against the enemy, or you can store it to use later on. Usually, it's very effective to use an enemy's ability against them.

Dodge Then Attack

Enemies are fierce, and many of them have fast attacks. Unless you are on casual mode, there are a few attacks that cannot be blocked. It's much easier to dodge an attack, then respond with a counter-attack while the enemy is vulnerable. If you dodge several times in a row, it can confuse some enemies, and they will be easier to attack.

Use Your Allies

You are not alone throughout the story, you have strong, and very capable allies at your side. When you are engaging in combat with difficult enemies, you can use the prompted controls to activate their resonance state. (This can be seen next to the character's name on the left of the screen).In this state, their abilities become much stronger for a brief period of time. This can be extremely useful if you're finding some enemies difficult to tackle. Also, using your allies in battle can give you enough time to change your items, switch jobs, or regain some health.

You can change which companions you have with you at Cubes. Interact with them, then select the "Edit Party" option. This will let you decide who will accompany you on the mission. You can change your selection at any time during a mission by visiting Cubes. However, you can only have two companions with you at a single time.

Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin Jack and Ash looking at a blue and white treasure box
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Collect Everything

As you work your way through each mission, you can find tons of different items to collect. From weapons to pieces of armour, we recommend collecting everything you come across. You can empty some items into storage or dismantle them after the mission, but each piece is worth something. Even if you don't want to keep or use an item, you can dismantle it into valuable pieces that can be used for upgrades.

Constantly Monitor Your Loadout

You can change your armour or weapons that you are using at any time in the game. All you have to do is access your "Battle Settings" to do this. There will be times that you will need to alter the items you are using or the Job that you have equipped to match the challenges of each area. Not every item or piece of armour can protect you against certain things, so it's important to constantly monitor, and update your loadout based on each area.

Use Your Command Abilities

Your first command ability is Lightbringer and this is a prime example of how useful the command abilities are throughout the game. In the chaos of battle, it can be easy to forget that you have these abilities at your disposal, but they can be invaluable against tough enemies. Lightbringer can send out a pulse that will throw enemies away from you, which is perfect for controlling large hordes of them. Also, the Venom ability will inflict poison damage onto enemies for a brief period of time.

Soul Burst Enemies

It can be tempting to completely annihilate enemies with your weapons, but this can make you extremely vulnerable. Once an enemy's break gauge has been destroyed, a control prompt will appear above them for Jack's Soul Burst ability. Use this each time it appears, especially against large enemies like Ogres. This is because the Soul Burst ability will destroy the enemy and you cannot be attacked while doing it. Also, it can send out residual damage to any other enemies that are too close to you.

Interact With Cubes

Cubes are checkpoints found throughout each mission. If you walk up to them and interact with them, you can save your progress. Also, once you interact with them, they will become the place you respawn if you die. You can upgrade Jobs in your Job Tree here, access your "Battle Settings" as well as a multitude of other settings. However, you should know that interacting with the Cubes will reset any enemies in the area that you have previously beaten.

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