Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin Armour Guide

Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin Jed Jack Neon and Ash on Bikke's Ship

Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin Jed Jack Neon and Ash on Bikke's Ship

Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin is an action role-playing game that is heavily focused on dynamic battles with a variety of enemies. You play as Jack, a strong warrior who is solely devoted to seeking out and destroying Chaos. Alongside your allies, you must find a way to bring back the light of the crystals before the kingdom of Cornelia is fully consumed by the darkness.

When you are fighting against a plethora of mystical, and sometimes odd enemies, you will not be alone. In fact, from the very beginning of the game, you can collect cool pieces of armour that will give you the edge against even the trickiest of foes. However, it is not a simple case of picking it up and putting it on. Creating the perfect set of armour can take time and it can become quite confusing, which is where we're going to help.

In this guide, we are going to explain everything you need to know about armour.

What Is Armour?

Armour comes in the form of different pieces of clothing that you can collect throughout the game. You can get pieces of armour in a large set that will take up most of your slots, or it can be found in individual pieces. The more armour you collect, the better your character's stats can become. It's a great, and crucial way, of ensuring that your character can survive as the story unfolds.

How to Get Armour

There are a few ways that you can find armour, we've detailed each one below.

Treasure Crates

As you explore different areas in the game, you're likely to come across white and blue treasure crates. Walk up to them and follow the prompted control to open them. They can contain weapons and pieces of armour. This is the best way to collect a lot of armour quickly. All you need to do is walk through all of the pieces once they are on the ground to collect them.

Purple Clusters

When you explore some areas, you can find purple floating clusters. Walk up to them and interact with them to obtain the items within them.

Defeat Enemies

After you defeat enemies, they can drop pieces of armour. However, if you have already defeated them once and are fighting them again, they are likely to drop copies of the same pieces of armour.

Mission Rewards

When you complete a mission (either story missions or side missions) you will be rewarded with a piece, or several pieces, of high-level armour. Anything you gain as a mission reward will be instantly added to your inventory.

How to Change Armour

You can change your armour or the armour of your allies at any point in the game. All you have to do is access the "Battle Settings" option in the pause or main menu. When you are in the "Battle Settings" menu, you can find your armour in the middle section of the itinerary on the left of the screen. An exclamation mark will appear next to a section when you have a new piece of armour that you haven't looked at yet.

Here, your armour is split into its individual sections underneath your weapon choice:

  • Shield (If applicable)
  • Headgear
  • Body
  • Bracers/Gloves
  • Trousers
  • Shoes

Select on the armour section that you want to change and it will open up another menu that shows you everything you have collected for that specific piece. You can then hover over the new pieces of armour to inspect them. You can see whether they will have a positive or negative effect on the character's stats by looking at the stat section on the right side of the screen. Often, pieces of armour will improve one area while detracting from another, so you'll need to choose your pieces carefully.

Extremely rare pieces of armour may sound good, but sometimes they can be less powerful than pieces of armour that are more common. This is why it's important to take your time to look at each individual piece before equipping it to Jack (or his allies).

Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin Battle Settings Jack Master Duelist
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Tailoring Armour to Jobs

This is the bit that is very important, your entire armour selection can be tailored to enhance the abilities of your chosen Job. When you look at a piece of armour in "Battle Settings" you will see that some of them have Job symbols next to them. This means that the piece of armour will increase the affinity of that specific Job. This works well if you want to increase the affinity of your existing Job, or if you want to add another Job's perks to the one you already have. The more that you increase a Job affinity, the more perks that you can gain surrounding that Job's specific skills.

We will update this page as we learn more.

Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin will test all of your skills when it comes to fighting enemies, but there's no need to worry if you're finding it too difficult. Check out our difficulty settings guide to find out how you can tailor the intensity of each battle to suit your experience level. Also, once you have defeated an enemy, you'll naturally want to make sure your progress has been saved. Find out all of the ways you can do this in our saving guide.

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