Stranger of Paradise Kraken Boss Guide - Strategy and Best Jobs

Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin Kraken

Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin Kraken

With The kingdom of Cornelia in grave danger, knowing how to beat the Stranger of Paradise Kraken will be instrumental to your success in setting things right. Like many of the bosses in Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin, anything from the right Job, to the best equipment, and even just patience will play a role in the battle's outcome. And we're here to help guide you through it.

Once you find Water Crystal, the Stranger of Paradise Kraken - one of the four manifestations of Chaos - will stand in your way. The confined space of the fight combined with the Kraken's tentacles that have an extremely long reach can make this battle tricky. However, there are a few tricks to learn that can make it easy to defeat it.

Whether you're up to this battle or not, we have other tips and tricks to share throughout the game. We can show you how to stop the moving walls in the Cavern of Earth, walk you through the Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin Dragon Zombie boss, and even help scratch the itch of curiosity that comes with the Stranger of Paradise voice actors list.

How Do I Beat the Stranger of Paradise Kraken?

Kraken Tips, Best Jobs, and Equipment

The Stranger of Paradise Kraken is quite an easy boss fight compared to the other three fiends as it has two distinct weak spots.

If you're patient enough, you can hit these weak spots to inflict a lot of damage on Kraken without putting yourself in too much danger. The one thing that you should keep in mind with this fight is that you need to keep moving. If you stand still, the Kraken will grab you.

Any Job works well for the Stranger of Paradise Kraken boss battle, but we strongly recommend equipping Jobs with long-reach weapons into your secondary Job Slot. The Ronin, Samurai, Swordsman, and Swordfighter are all good picks.

We also recommend only using Jobs that are past level 20. It's possible to take this boss on with a lower level Job, but you will find it much harder. Any ally works well in this fight, but we decided to team up with Jed and Sophia.

Slice Those Tentacles - Part One

As with all of the Fiends in the game, the Stranger of Paradise Kraken boss fight comes in two parts. However, if you learn how to wear the Kraken's health down in the first half, the second half will be easier.

First off, if you find that the Fiend of Water is a little too close for comfort, then you can use your Lightbringer ability to push them back. Keep that in mind throughout the battle.

When the fight begins, activate the resonance state for your allies, and then step back. This should make Kraken focus on them for a period of time. During this time, you can charge up your Mage attacks (if that is your chosen Job) and attack the Kraken. We found that Aeroga and Firaga are the most effective against this boss.

If you've opted for another Job, then the best thing to do is attack Kraken's two weak spots. The safest one to go for is the weak spot on its back, also known as its tentacles. The optimum moment to strike them is when the Kraken has their back turned to you (or is focused on attacking your teammates).

We strongly advise that you only attack the tentacles two or three times in a single onslaught. If you stay there for too long, the Kraken will turn around and try to grab you.

The Kraken's second weak spot is slightly riskier to attack. If you watch them, the Kraken has extremely large hands with long fingers. It leads a few of its attacks using them, and this is how you can attack them. You need to taunt the Kraken into attacking you. You may need to dodge a few attacks before you get to the one you need, so be prepared for that.

You need to get the Kraken to use its attack where it slams its hands down on the ground. Its hands will stay on the ground for a few seconds, and this is when you must strike them. However, you need to use your judgment here. If you think that you will not make the attack in time, then do not do it. If the Kraken catches you, it can kill you within a few hits.

If you aim for their tentacles and their hands, then the Kraken's break gauge should be reduced quite quickly. Once their gauge is down, unleash a flurry of heavy attacks (while ensuring you're not in danger of being attacked) to reduce the Kraken's health bar. Once it has been worn down halfway, use Jack's Soul Burst to end the first half of the fight.

Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin Jack using Soul Burst on Kraken
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Water, Hands, Tentacles - Part Two

In the second half of the fight, the Kraken will repeat all of the same attacks that it had used previously. However, right at the beginning of the section, the Kraken will jump into the water around the edge of the platform.

At this point, pan the camera around as you run around the center of the platform. This is the best way to judge where the Kraken will emerge and, if you are in the center, you will have the best chance of dodging them.

When the Kraken reappears, it will have covered itself in a water shield. Again, activate the resonance state for your allies, and attack the Kraken's weak spots to break the shield. At this point, we recommend using Mage attacks as you can remain at a safe distance while attacking the Kraken. We found that Firaga (charged fire) attacks can quickly break the water shield.

Once the shield has been broken, you can follow the same steps as before to wear down the Kraken's break gauge. However, the lower the Kraken's health gets, the more ferocious its attacks become. You can shield against most of its elemental attacks, but if it's going for a melee attack, then it's best to dodge to the side.

The most important thing to remember with the Kraken is hands and tentacles. If you focus your attacks on these areas, its break gauge will swiftly disappear. Once you have worn its health down to zero, use Jack's Soul Burst to end the Fiend of Water and collect your spoils.

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