Stranger of Paradise Chimera Boss Guide - Strategy and Best Jobs

Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin Chimera

In your job to restore the light of the crystals in Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin, you'll need to fight a dangerous mythical creature toward the end, and if you're struggling to put it down, you can trust that the tips scattered throughout this Stranger of Paradise Chimera boss guide will help you learn how to beat Chimera and press on.

You'll meet Chimera at the end of the "Familiar Place" mission. This boss may seem deceptively easy when you look at it, but it's fierce, and its claws will really hurt if they catch you. Along with its ability to fly - not forgetting its several beastly heads - Chimera can easily overpower you if you're not careful. Fortunately, your allies can be a massive help when it comes to taking down this creature.

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Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin Jack vs Chimera
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How Do You Beat the Stranger of Paradise Chimera Boss Battle?

Chimera Tips, Best Equipment, and Jobs

As will all bosses in the game, the Stranger of Paradise Chimera boss battle will happen in two parts. We strongly recommend using your health potions in the second half as landing attacks on Chimera will be much riskier.

We recommend using Jed when he's equipped with his Duelist Job as one of your allies for this fight. You can use Ash or Neon at this point, but we used Ash as his Job level was slightly higher.

Though any Job that has been upgraded past Level 13 will work against this boss, we recommend using the Mage and Duelist for the first half. Then, in the second half, we recommend changing the Duelist Job for any Job with a long-reach weapon.

Chimera Phase One Guide - Patience Is Key

Chimera has quite a few tricks up its sleeves, so try to keep your distance for the first few moments of the fight. If you can, activate the resonance states for your allies and step away from them. This should get Chimera to focus on them and it will display the majority of its attacks.

Chimera's attacks are, mainly, extremely fast. This can make them tricky to dodge. Also, they can quickly fly above and dive down on top of you. Therefore, you must watch Chimera the entire time. If you take your focus off of them for too long, you can find yourself being mauled from behind. This is why we highly recommend using the Duelist or Mage Jobs for this battle.

To attack Chimera, wait for their focus to be on one (or both) of your allies. When they are distracted, rush up to their middle and execute two or three quick attacks. Try to avoid getting too close to their tail, as it's actually a snake. Once you have landed two or three attacks on Chimera, you need to quickly back away again. If you spend too long attacking them, they will suddenly turn around.

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If you are brave enough, you can attack Chimera's head and snake tail. They are weak areas for this boss, but they are risky to attack. When Chimera's attacks are focused on your allies, we highly recommend attacking the tail.

We have found that heavy Duelist attacks work well near the start of the battle. However, as Chimera's break gauge and health bar wear down, they will become more unpredictable. If you can, try to spend as much of the fight as possible at the edge of the area away from Chimera. We have found that the Aeroga and Firaga (charged wind and fire) attacks work well against them.

If Chimera is up in the air, wait for them to start to fly/charge towards you. When they do this, dodge out of the way. If you dodge before they start to come towards you, they can change direction and follow you. However, if you end up being too close to Chimera, you can use your Lightbringer ability to knock them back.

When they are in the air, Chimera will use their Dark Breath attack on you. You can steal this using your Soul Shield. Once they are back on the ground, use this stolen ability against Chimera as they seem to be vulnerable to it. However, we recommend dodging or blocking the rest of this boss's abilities.

The key to wearing down Chimrea's break gauge is to repeatedly hit it with different attacks. All you have to do is stay alive. Once you have worn Chimera's health bar down to half, use Jack's Soul Burst ability to end the first half of the fight.

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Chimera Phase Two Guide - Three Heads Are Worse Than One

In the second half, the Stranger of Paradise Chimera will no longer be able to fly. However, they will grow two extra snake-like heads which can make it extremely difficult to get close to them. This is where the Mage Job will come in useful. You can switch to the Swordsman Job here too (or any other Job with a long-reach weapon).

Chimera's attacks will become more frequent and extremely dangerous, so it's time to sacrifice your team again. If you can, then you need to activate the resonance states for your chosen allies. While Chimera is focused on them, use charged Mage attacks (Aeroga or Firaga) to rapidly reduce their break gauge. Once their break gauge is broken, attack Chimera as you did before. However, their extra heads can turn around to attack you, so we strongly advise that you use a long-reach weapon for this.

Chimera's attacks in this half aren't too different from the ones it used in the first half, so you should know what to dodge, and what you can steal. Once you have finally worn its health down to zero, use Jack's Soul Burst to bring the fight to an end.

The Stranger of Paradise Chimera boss is a tough beast to fell, but learning how to beat it will give you valuable knowledge for the next set of bosses.

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