Valve's Updating Their Classic Library To Run Better on Steam Deck

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Valve's slowly preparing for Steam Deck's launch. Initially planned to launch this month, it's since been delayed into February 2022 but they're still laying out the groundwork. As part of this, Valve confirmed they're updating some of their classic games to better run on the portable device.

Speaking to PC Gamer for an interview, designer Greg Coomer confirmed DOTA 2's development team are already hot on this, advising:

The Dota [team] is doing something pretty innovative, at least within the context of Dota. Just this past week, they shipped a new mode that allows players to play the game well using thumbsticks.

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Valve's Updating Their Classic Library To Run Better on Steam Deck

Elaborating further, Coomer also advised that they're planning to "tighten up" Counter-Strike: Global Offensive's controller options. Confirming they'd touch upon things like radial menus, the designer stated "the team is really giving that renewed polish and design intention."

Finally, Coomer revealed that Valve's planning to tweak Half-Life, making it better fit a controller. However, PC Gamer advise this is more to do with navigating menus, as opposed to directly controlling the protagonist, Gordan Freeman. Revealing that all Half-Life games will get these updates, we'll keep you informed when that happens.

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