DOTA 2: Best Heroes For New Players in 2021

Credit: Image via Valve - DOTA 2

Credit: Image via Valve - DOTA 2

DOTA 2's complex mechanics make it one of the most difficult games for new players. Additionally, the game features a very high skill-ceiling, which further forces players to spend a lot of time before they can master the game.

Leaving aside the countless combination of items available in the game, the sheer number of heroes in DOTA 2 is more than sufficient when it comes to overwhelming new players. Having said that, there are a few heroes that players can practice to get a better understanding of DOTA 2.

Nevertheless, considering the constant meta changes of DOTA 2, some of these heroes often find themselves being affected by massive nerfs. Players should note that the heroes featured in this list are not necessarily the strongest heroes in the game. However, these heroes will definitely help new players in getting a deeper insight into DOTA 2's mechanics.

Considering how complex the in-game mechanics for DOTA 2 can be, it can take new players hours of game time before they can understand what their micro-goals are.

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Best DOTA 2 heroes for new players

#5 - Batrider

One of the most versatile heroes in DOTA 2, Batrider can be played in any role except as a carry. Additionally, Batrider is one of the in-meta heroes in patch 7.30b, making it even more efficient for players to draft this hero.

Batrider's arsenal of abilities features a strong disable, an annoying slow which also amplifies incoming damage for the enemy, a non-disrupting repositioning spell, and a highly mobile spell that can also deal massive bursts of magic damage.

Considering all of these factors, new players will be able to get a thorough understanding of various in-game mechanics such as turn-rate, attack speed, armor reduction, and much more. Additionally, being one of the most versatile heroes in DOTA 2 also means that players who practice Batrider will also get a rough understanding of the various roles in the game.

#4 - Medusa

Traditionally played as either a farming mid-laner or a safe-lane carry, Medusa is one of the strongest late-game heroes in DOTA 2. Medusa's armory features spells which not only make the hero extremely sustainable but also make it difficult for enemies to gank her.

Being a flash-farming core hero allows Medusa to accumulate massive amounts of gold and experience to take over the entire game. Players who wish to learn about the different stages of a game in DOTA 2 as well as understand the concept of item timings is advised to practice this hero.

Not only is Medusa one of the strongest late-game heroes but she is also an extremely good team-fight participant. These factors make Medusa one of the best heroes for new players to practice and improve at DOTA 2.

#3 - Ogre Magi

Ogre Magi is a fairly versatile hero in DOTA 2 and can be played in various positions, especially in the lower bracket for new players. Although the hero is traditionally played as a support, Ogre Magi can also perform optimally in the off-lane as well as mid-lane.

The hero can be played as a tanky initiator from the off-lane with items like Rod of Atos and Pipe of Insight. On the other hand, Ogre Magi can also perform from the mid-lane with an Aghanim's Sceptre and Ethereal Blade build relying on massive magic damage.

Given that Ogre Magi is one of the best Hand of Midas users in the game, the hero can easily catch up on the farm thanks to his Multicast ability. Combining all of these factors with the hero's complexity makes Ogre Magi one of the best heroes for new players to understand the various mechanics of DOTA 2.

#2 - Bristleback

One of the most sustain-heavy heroes in DOTA 2, Bristleback is capable of withstanding massive bursts of damage while also dealing. lethal stacks of physical damage to the enemy.

Bristleback's arsenal of abilities allows the hero to start snowballing the game from the early and mid-game stages. Additionally, the hero is also exceptionally powerful in the current meta, making him a stable opening pick in multiple drafts during the DOTA 2 AniMajor 2021.

Bristleback is capable of performing exceptionally well from any one of three core roles, making the hero an extremely flexible pick in drafting stages.

New players can benefit massively by learning about positioning, attack animations as well as how to kite your enemies in DOTA 2.

#1 - Wraith King

Arguably one of the best heroes in the game for new players, Wraith King is a traditional carry hero. On top of being able to dish out massive bursts of damage, Wraith King's ability allows the hero to literally never die, especially in the late game.

Before getting into the characteristics of the hero, here are a few aspects that players can master by practicing Wraith King in DOTA 2.

  • Itemization;
  • Last hits and denies;
  • Trading HP during the laning stage; and
  • Teamwork in fights and ganks.

Wraith King scales extremely well for the late game, making it extremely difficult for enemy heroes to counter him. Additionally, being a strength-based hero allows Wraith King to flaunt a massive health pool, making it almost impossible for enemies to burst him with a single spell combo.

Considering all of these factors, Wraith King is definitely one of the must-learn heroes for new players in DOTA 2.

DOTA 2 tips for new players

Apart from practicing the five heroes mentioned in this list, there are a variety of tips that can help players improve in DOTA 2.

These tips include:

  • Always carry detection when playing against invisible/elusive heroes;
  • Stuns and lockdown abilities are extremely crucial in most scenarios;
  • Regenerating HP and Mana with Tangoes, Salves, Clarity, and Mangoes is more efficient than going to base or using teleport scroll;
  • Checking for enemy wards while also placing observer wards to protect against ganks and ambushes can be game-winning;
  • Teleport Scrolls are emergency utility tools and should be used only in urgent situations;
  • Having a good understanding of in-game timings as well as power spikes for every hero in the game can help in overcoming difficult situations as well as predict the enemy's moves;
  • Itemisation and spell-casting are the keys to winning team fights; and
  • Players should always focus on taking objectives instead of simply hunting for kills.

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