Gabe Newell Personally Delivers Steam Deck Systems, Confuses Customers

Valve's anticipated Steam Deck has begun rolling out and Valve has hired an interesting delivery man for the job; Gabe Newell. In an amusing video, Gabe Newell was seen delivering numerous Steam Deck systems to some confused and bewildered customers, never expected to see Valve's co-founder on their doorstep.

As seen in the Tweet below (thanks The Verge), some Steam Deck customers recognised Newell, while others had no idea why the console came with a camera crew. It’s a video that'll likely amuse many Valve fans.

Valve’s Gabe Newell Delivers Steam Deck Systems to Confused Customers

Valve has positioned the Steam Deck as a more powerful PC_based alternative to the Nintendo Switch, letting gamers play Steam games on the go. Unfortunately, not every game is Deck compatible, meaning fans will have to check the website to see which titles are playable.

Gamers can finally purchase the Steam Deck from specific countries, though the system is not available worldwide just yet. For more on the Steam Deck, stay tuned to Gfinity.

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