Valve's "Still On Track" To Ship Steam Deck Next Month

Valve's much-awaited handheld console, Steam Deck, looks set to meet its February 2022 release date. Having been previously pushed back from December 2021, Valve's issued a new update, stating that plans are currently on track.

Sharing an update in their latest blog post, Valve confirmed they're "on track to ship Steam Deck on time." That's despite certain hurdles they've experienced, and could possibly still experience, including the "global pandemic, supply issues, and shipping issues."

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Valve "Still On Track" To Ship Steam Deck For A Target February Release

Valve also shared that some game developers are continuing to test their games, letting them determine if their titles can be Deck verified before launch. Part of Steam's statement reads:

"It’s also important that we give developers the ability to test their games in order to get that nice green Verified check, so we’ve been sending developer kits out in quantity. We've been approving another wave of dev kits, and hundreds have been shipped out in the last month (and we're continuing to approve and send out even more). Thanks for your patience devs!"

As for Steam, they recently broke their own concurrent player record this January after listing almost 28 million active players. Make sure to follow us for more gaming news and updates as it happens.

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