Fortnite Could Circumvent iOS Ban Through GeForce Now

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Epic Games is looking to get Fortnite running again on iOS, though not as you'd expect. Working together with Nvidia, Fortnite's coming to the GeForce Now cloud streaming service, optimising its touch controls for iOS and Android smartphones too.

According to Nvidia's latest update, Fortnite's entering a closed beta that's only available for GeForce Now subscribers. As the game is streamed, Fortnite players will access the PC version, albeit a modified version with control tweaks to accommodate mobile platforms.

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Fortnite Could Circumvent iOS Ban Through GeForce Now

Previously, Epic Games sued Apple for its mobile App Store practices that grew into a large legal dispute, and Fortnite was banned for five years. Meanwhile, Google also removed Fortnite from the Play Store, but players can still download the battle royale through the Epic Games app on Android.

While it isn't the native version iOS players may have hoped for, it does mean Fortnite's officially back on Apple devices. It's unknown if Apple and Google will block the streaming platform's access for Fortnite, or if they'll let Nvidia continue, but we'll keep you informed if anything changes.

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