Starfield Contains More Than 150,000 Lines of Dialogue

Starfield is expected to be Bethesda's next big series alongside Elder Scrolls and Fallout. After receiving previews of three locations from the upcoming title last month, we've not received further news since.

But it seems like Starfield's in deep development, with the sci-fi tale expected to be Bethesda's biggest production yet. Bethesda Game Studios’ Todd Howard appeared at Xbox's event at Tokyo Games Show 2021, stating that Starfield will have over 150,000 lines of dialogue.

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Starfield Contains More Than 150,000 Lines of Dialogue

The Bethesda production will host an expansive script, with lines of dialogues reaching more than 150,000. In comparison, The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim had 60,000 so Starfield nearly triples that amount.

Howard also announced that Japanese voice acting for the game will be localised. While the game is still a way out from its November 2022 launch, Microsoft previously confirmed Starfield will launch exclusively to Xbox Series X|S and PC platforms, as a result of Microsoft's ZeniMax Media acquisition.

Meanwhile, you can catch up on Xbox's Tokyo Games Show 2021 announcements here.

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