Bethesda Reveals Three New Starfield Locations

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Bethesda unveiled three short new trailers showcasing some of Starfield's distinct locations (thanks Shinobi). Although "trailer" is a bit generous. The videos show moving concept art with some short descriptions from the team.

Either way, the videos offer insight into the character of Starfield's people and, frankly, incredible looking places.



First up is Neon, the pleasure city. Neon started life as a fishing platform, until the folks in charge discovered a fish with "psychotropic properties." Now, the corporation sells Aurora, a drug exclusive to, and only legal on, Neon, turning it into a trippy resort for those who want a different kind of experience.

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Bethesda Reveals Three New Starfield Locations

New Atlantis

New Atlantis is a spaceport city and the capital of the United Colonies faction. It's the most powerful political and military faction in Starfield, and Bethesda described it as a melting pot and a reflection of our world's future.



Finally for now is Akila. It's another capital city, this time the leading light of the Three Star Collective, a confederation of three different star systems. Akila citizens are united in their devotion to freedom and individuality and live behind a massive wall.

That's for practicality's sake, since the other side of that wall is where a deadly alien race lives, one Bethesda described as a mix of a raptor and a wolf.

Starfield still has no release date as yet, though we do know it'll be an Xbox exclusive.

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