Stardew Valley: Skull Cavern Max Level, How Far Does It Go Down?

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If you're familiar with the Skull Cavern in Stardew Valley, you may have thought about how deep the cavern actually goes. You aren't alone in curiosity, we've done a little digging and the answer is pretty shocking. Keep reading to find out how many floors are in the Skull Cavern and also how to get deeper and find some goodies.

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Skull Cavern Max Level


The Skull Cavern is similar to that of the regular mine but you'll find it in the northwest of the Desert. To access it you'll need to get yourself a Skull Key, once you reach level 120 of the normal mines you'll receive one. The difference between the cavern and mine is that the mine will 'save' your progress, whereas every time you enter the Skull Cavern you'll start on the first floor. Hearing this, you might be determined to get to the bottom before you need to go to sleep, unfortunately, it's basically impossible.

Technically the cavern has 2,147,483,647 floors and unless you can pass each floor in a second for 67ish years, you're out of luck. Obviously, players won't be able to reach the bottom, not only because of the astronomical amount of levels but also because their character will eventually need to sleep, if they do so and return the next day, all previous progress is lost.

If you want to make your way as far down as possible then you can use a few different methods. Like the mines you'll need to find a ladder to get to the next floor, this is when bombs can be great to clear large amounts of rocks or enemies. It's also worth battling it out with as many monsters as you can, many of them drop Iridium which isn't a particularly common material. You may also be able to find a hole or shaft which can drop you between 3 and 15 floors deeper, side note - doing this will inflict 3 times the number of levels you skip in damage. Bear in mind if you die in the cavern you'll arrive at Harvey's Clinic with a 1,000G fee.

As mentioned earlier the Skull Cavern is a brilliant source of Iridium which will become essential later on in the game, used to create useful items like sprinklers!