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Stardew Valley: Beginner Tips To Get You Started


Getting started in Stardew Valley can seem a little daunting and there's plenty of opportunities to miss out on money and more as you don't know too much about the game. There's so much to do that it can become overwhelming and you may not be aware of the ways to make your playthrough a lot easier. Now it's our job to help you out, below you can find a few beginner tips you may find useful!

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  1. Sell The Parsnips
  2. 3x3 Plots
  3. Fix The Beach Bridge ASAP
  4. Find Out Which Crops Are Most Lucrative
  5. Upgrade Your Backpack

Beginner Tips

Sell The Parsnips

When starting Stardew Valley your first task will be 'Getting Started', this question will require you to grow a parsnip and harvest it. Most players will take the starter seeds found in your house and plant them all but, it's not worth it. Instead, take the seeds and plant one of them, this way you'll be able to complete the quest, take the remaining seeds to Pierre and sell them. With the money you get, buy potato seeds. Potatoes will make you 15G more profit than the parsnips, as well as that there's a possibility for you to get two potatoes at a time, whereas this isn't a feature with parsnips. This strategy won't make the world of difference but will put a little extra gold in your pocket.

3x3 Plots

When it comes to laying out your farm early on in the game 3x3 plots will be your friend. Firstly it's a great way to keep things organised, and it also gives you the chance of growing a giant crop. Using this format also means that you can add things in the centre like sprinklers or scarecrows if you wish to.

Fix The Beach Bridge ASAP

On the right side of the beach, you'll notice a broken bridge, if you collect 300 wood you can repair it. It's useful to do this as soon as you can as it opens up the Tidal Pools which will spawn items like sea urchins and shells which can then be sold, you'll make a profit for doing nothing but some wood chopping! Either sell them to Willy or drop them in your shipping box if you forget to do so.

Find Out Which Crops Are Most Lucrative

  • Spring
    • Strawberries: 500G+
    • Cauliflower: 190G+
    • Kale: 110G+
    • Potatoes: 80G+
    • Green Beans: 40G+
    • Parsnips: 25G+
  • Summer
    • Melons: 250G+
    • Radishes: 90G+
    • Tomatoes: 60G+
    • Corn: 50G+
    • Blueberries: 50G+
    • Hot Peppers: 40G+
    • Hops: 25G+
    • Wheat: 25G+
  • Autumn
    • Rare Seeds: 3000G+
    • Pumpkins: 320G+
    • Yam: 160G+
    • Artichokes: 160G+
    • Amaranth: 150G+
    • Grapes: 80G+
    • Bok Choy: 80G+
    • Cranberries: 75G+
    • Eggplant: 60G+

Upgrade Your Backpack

As soon as you can head to Pierre's shop and upgrade your backpack, it'll cost you 2,000G but will add an extra 12 slots to your inventory, giving you a total of 24. The next upgrade will set you back 10,000G and will make the maximum amount of slots 36.

There's plenty more to do in Stardew Valley, why not set up a multiplayer game with friends or court your favourite bachelor/bachelorette?

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