Stardew Valley: How To Fish

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Stardew Valley. The player is fishing off of a dock into the ocean. They are facing left and they are fishing off the left side of the dock.
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There are plenty of things to do apart from farming in Stardew Valley and fishing is one of them. It will also be essential knowing how to fish as you'll need to collect a variety of fish for the Community Center restoration. This is why we're going to show you how to fish, what you can do with your fish and we explain the fishing skill.

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How To Fish

You can fish from bodies of water but you need to get a fishing rod first! You'll be able to get a Bamboo Pole from Willy on your second day in the game.

When you have the fishing rod, equip it and stand facing the water. Hold down the action button and a meter will appear. This shows you how strong your cast (throwing the line out) will be. Red is closest to your character and green is the furthest distance. Release the button to let out your line when you're ready.

Wait until you you hear a noise and see an exclamation point next to your float. When you see this, quickly press the action button again. If you're fast enough "Hit!" will appear meaning you successfully caught something. Now another progress bar will appear, this is sort of like a mini-game. Click your action button continuously or hold it to move the fish up and down. You need to keep the fish inside the green bar. Whenever the fish is in the green bar, the bar up the side of the meter will fill up. Once the side meter is filled, you will pull in the fish.

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What To Do With Your Fish

There are a few different things that you can do with a fish once you've caught one. You can:

  • Sell them to Willy in the Fish Shop
  • Purchase a fish tank and keep one as a pet
  • Use them to cook recipes
  • They can be given as gifts
Stardew Valley. The player is standing on the dock in front of the Fish Shop. They are standing on the edge of the wooden dock and fishing over the edge.

Fishing Skill

Players can gain fishing experience by using the fishing rod and crab pots. As you become a higher fishing skill level the green brick will become larger, making it easier to catch fish. You can also upgrade from the starter fishing rod to add bait to your new rod.

Below you can find the rewards for each level as well as the different routes you can go down in the fishing skill.

  • Level 1
    • Fishing Rod Proficiency (+1)\
  • Level 2
    • Fishing Rod Proficiency (+1)
    • Ability to Craft Bait
  • Level 3
  • Fishing Rod Proficiency (+1)
  • Ability to Craft Crab Pot
  • Recipe for Dish O' The Sea
  • Level 4
    • Fishing Rod Proficiency (+1)
    • Ability to Craft Recycling Machine
  • Level 5
    • Fishing Rod Proficiency (+1)
    • Choose between:
      • Fisher - fish worth 25% more
      • Trapper - resources needed to craft crab pots reduced
  • Level 10 Fisher Track
    • Fishing Rod Proficiency (+1)
    • Choose between:
      • Angler - fish worth 50% more
      • Pirate - chance to find treasure while fishing doubled
  • Level 10 Trapper Track
    • Fishing Rod Proficiency (+1)
    • Choose between:
      • Mariner - crab pots never catch trash items
      • Luremaster - crab pots no longer need bait

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