Stardew Valley - How to check quests

Stardew Valley how to check quests

Stardew Valley how to check quests

As you spend more time in Pelican Town in Stardew Valley, you will pick up quests that you can do to help yourself or other villagers. It can be a bit confusing to keep track of all of them and sometimes you will have too much on your plate to complete them in time. This is why we're going to show you how to check quests.

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How to get quests

Before we work out how to check quests, we need to know how to get them first. There are a few ways that you can get quests:

  • Read the notice board outside Pierre's shop. If there is an "!" symbol on the notice board as you walk past, then there is a new quest available. Interact with the board to see what the quest is and you can choose to accept or reject it.
  • Story quests are unlocked naturally as you progress through the game, through events or character interactions.
  • You can also stumble across quests by accident by finding letters or notes - (Although, these are typically story-based quests, too).

How to check quests

So your quests can be found in your journal. To access your journal, you need to find and click on the "!" button on the right-hand side of your screen. This should be visible underneath the section that shows you how much money you currently have. Move your cursor over this and click on it to open it up.

When the journal is open you can see all of the active quests that you have at that time. If you want to see more information about a specific quest then you can click on it and it will take you to a screen like this:

Stardew Valley check quests screen
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Here, you will be shown a breakdown of your quest and what you need to do in order to complete it. Also, you can see if the quest has a time limit on it or if there are very specific requirements you need to meet to be able to complete it.

How to cancel quests

Sometimes having a list longer than the eye can see can be a little daunting. So to tidy up your journal and cancel a quest you need to click on the quest you want to stop. At the bottom of the quest breakdown, you should see a red symbol. Click on this to cancel your quest and it will no longer be part of your task list. However, you should be careful as there can be penalties given for cancelling certain quests.

But there you have it, that's how to check quests in your journal in Stardew Valley! There are a great number of things to do in Pelican Town, so while you're here be sure to check out our extensive character hub to start making friends with the different NPCs. Additionally, we have guides on how to fish and how to cook so you can really start making some money!

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