Quantic Dream Responds to Star Wars Eclipse Delay Rumours

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Quantic Dream has responded to all the rumours surrounding the supposed delay of Star Wars Eclipse, with the company claiming that the project can’t be considered postponed if a release window was never announced. Furthermore, the company also claims that they are actively recruiting developers for Star Wars Eclipse and other unannounced projects.

The studio emailed GamesRadar about the news posted above, also revealing that they increased their workforce by 50% on a post from Quantic Dream’s website. In addition to all of this, Quantic Dream also claims that they have enjoyed “very good financial results” for what that’s worth.

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Quantic Dream Responds to Star Wars Eclipse Delay Rumours

Star Wars Eclipse was first revealed in The Game Awards, stunning fans with its gorgeous visuals. After the reveal, various reports came out about the game not coming out anytime soon, with some even claiming this project could be released in 2027 or 2028 due to the lack of employees.

Currently, Star Wars Eclipse hasn’t been announced for any gaming platforms, though we assume that it will be coming out on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC. We will update you all on more Star Wars: Eclipse news when it comes through.

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