Star Wars: Eclipse Will Reportedly Come Out in 2026 Due to Development Issues

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Star Wars: Eclipse was announced back in The Game Awards to a mixed reception due to the involvement of Quantic Dream, who are known to make cinematic video games that barely feel like video games and are also under heavy scrutiny due to sexual harassment allegations, which might be why the reports of Star Wars: Eclipse having development issues might not be a huge surprise.

While the news will disappoint some, it won’t be a huge surprise since Star Wars: Eclipse is expected to have jaw-dropping graphics to make up for being a 20-hour movie with quick-time events and the fact that they have to make each choice a player makes in the adventure matter probably doubles that effort, though the fact that the game might be years away is still a shocker.

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Star Wars: Eclipse Will Reportedly Come Out in 2026 Due to Development Issues

According to insider Tom Henderson, Star Wars: Eclipse has already been in development for 18 months and there is still no playable version of the game, with the expected release date to be in 2026 if the story ends up being true.

To be fair, an argument can be made that the more time developers have to make a game better can make up for any delay, and the fact that Star Wars: Eclipse didn’t have a release date when it was first shown should save it from any major release criticisms, but considering the mixed track record of Quantic Dream, we just have to hope the quality is good.

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