Star Wars: Eclipse Reportedly Aiming for 2027-2028 Release

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It looks like fans will have to wait even longer for Star Wars: Eclipse, as new reports claim it isn't launching until 2027-2028. Citing staffing issues at Quantic Dream, that'll disappoint a lot of Star Wars fans who were hoping to see it sooner rather than later.

An Xfire report from leaker Tom Henderson claims that developer Quantic Dream is having trouble recruiting developers, likely due to allegations regarding toxic work culture and sexual harassment. Reportedly, there's more than 60 job openings in the company, most of which are linked to Star Wars: Eclipse.

Star Wars: Eclipse Reportedly Coming Out on 2027-2028 Due to Staffing Issues

Quantic Dream is also reportedly interested in getting purchased by a bigger company, following their previous three-year deal with Sony. That may explain why the Star Wars: Eclipse trailer was shown off so early, likely hoping to attract potential buyers.

Hopefully, the saga of Star Wars: Eclipse doesn’t end like The Rise of Skywalker did. No official release date for Star Wars: Eclipse is currently available, though it'll likely come to PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S.

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