Splitgate Impact Race and How to Finish Impact Race Fast

Splitgate Impact Race is one of the weekly challenges that pops up more often than most.

It's similar to the other Splitgate races in that your goal is clearing a course with the fastest time possible. You're only racing yourself, though — unless you want to rank high in the Splitgate leaderboards.

Impact Race tasks you with collecting a number of disco balls, as collectibles instead of lethal weapons this time, scattered across one of Splitgate's maps.

If you're not keen on getting the best score, you can grab the disco dongles at your own pace.

However, there are optimal paths for shaving precious seconds off your time.

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Splitgate Impact Race and How to Finish Impact Race Fast

All Splitgate races live under the Training section, so head there to select the Impact Race.

You'll want to use portals to reach most of the balls, and two key points in particular help make the race go faster.

  • Open a portal behind the fifth ball as you grab the fourth
  • Drop down to collect the eighth ball, open a portal to your left, then open another one as close to the 10th ball as possible.

Again, it doesn't technically matter, because all you have to do is finish the race in general to complete the challenge.

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