Cancelled Spider-Man 4 Game Footage Has Leaked

Spider-Man was rejuvenated for a new generation of gamers in 2018 by Insomniac Games. Offering a narrative-driven, AAA story, a sequel has already been teased, while also leading onto the equally impressive Miles Morales. But before Sony retrieved the video game rights to the web-slinger, Activision produced numerous Spider-Man titles.

These ranged from solo games like Web of Shadows and Shattered Dimensions to movie-tie-ins based on Sam Raimi's original trilogy, and the Andrew Garfield-led Amazing Spider-Man pictures. After Raimi withdrew from the fourth instalment, the planned movie tie-in game was immediately canned. But, footage from the game has surfaced online, offering glimpses of what could've been.

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Cancelled Spider-Man 4 Game Footage Has Leaked

Captured on the Xbox 360, the leaked gameplay comes to us from Obscure Games. As noted in the description, the fourth episode re-utilized assets from 2009's Prototype.

The footage can be seen below:

The replication of these assets makes sense given the wall-crawler's more destructive movements, especially when shifting across walls and jumping off buildings. Combat was also more aggressive, with environmental factors like boxes and vehicles being utilized more and are evidently more prone to damage.

For Spider-Man 4, Sam Raimi was planning to use Vulture and Black Cat as Peter Parker's main antagonists. Given how aerial the combat seems in the footage, the developer might've planned to implement Vulture for its air battles.

With Insomniac's next Spider-Man adventure still a few years out, Spidey fans can still indulge in more web-slinging action through Marvel's Avengers, with the playable character set to join the game later this year.

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