Cancelled Superman Game Details Have Been Uncovered

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The Son of Krypton's presence in the gaming space will continue in the impending years with Injustice 3. We also await a unique iteration of Superman in Rocksteady's forthcoming Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League.

But Kal-El could've headlined his very own game in 2008. Even though the game was cancelled, details surrounding this projected have been unveiled.

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Cancelled Superman Game Details Have Been Uncovered

Salvatrix was the Lead Designer on Blue Steel as it began production in 2007. The designer revealed key gameplay details, video prototypes and artwork for the cancelled project.


Factor 5 aimed to generate a sprawling sandbox with architectural design inspired by the Superman Animated series and famed artist, Hugh Ferriss. This involved overhead railways, airships and highways.

A prototype of the gameplay has been revealed. The open-world exploration displays Superman using cars as props, as he smashes through buildings to inflict damage to his enemies.


Salvatrix emphasised how the game's key element was its destructive environment. During fights with villains like Darkside, Livewire and Brimstone, Blue Steel would incorporate hefty combat between Superman and his enemies, as you lay colossal damage to the environment.

Target Render was used during pre-production, to deduce what these fights would look like. Salvatrix revealed the scope of these planned super brawls:


The aforementioned game was supposed to release on PS3 alongside Bryan Singer's planned sequel to Superman Returns. But the sequel was revoked. To make matters worse, the economic crisis occurred, resulting in not only the cancellation of Blue Steel but both Factor 5 and the publisher distributing the game closed down permanently.

We recently opined about just why it's so difficult for the Man of Steel to make the jump to videogames.

But don't lose hope Superman fans! The blue-eyed scout can be unlocked as a secret skin in Fortnite's Season 7, while a developer hinted at what a contemporary Kal-El game could look like as they made a Superman demo using Unreal Engine 5.