Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Hinted At By Miles Morales' Actor With Mocap Photo

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Though Insomniac Games hasn't officially announced a sequel for Marvel’s Spider-Man just yet, we've seen a few rumours circulating about what that potential sequel entails. Now though, Miles Morales' voice and motion capture actor, Nadji Jeter, may have given us a clue that its in development.

Posting a shot of himself on Instagram, Jeter's photo wasn't much to look at on its own, but it showed him in action wearing motion capture gear. However, this was quickly deleted soon after, leading some to believe he was asked to remove it.

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Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Hinted At By Miles Morales' Actor With Mocap Photo

While that may not seem hugely important on the surface, it's worth considering Jeter's acting history. Outside his performance as Sam in The Last Of Us, Jeter's only used motion capture (so far) playing the Miles Morales role, going between both of Insomniac Games' entries and Team Ninja's Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order.


While the Instagram image was previously deleted, screenshots were saved, which you can find above. After Insomniac's successful launch of their Miles Morales game last December - which we called "a game that inspires hope during trying times" - we're hopeful Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 information isn't far off.