Is Sniper Elite 5 on Nintendo Switch?

Sniper Elite 5 is a change of pace from the usual doses of running and gunning most modern shooter games feature. The latest title from Rebellion drops players behind enemy lines in an attempt to overthrow a Nazi operation. While we know the game is available on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC, some are asking if Sniper Elite 5 is on Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo's console continues to prove a hit for those wanting to take the action on the move and the console would make a great home for Sniper Elite 5.

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Is Sniper Elite 5 Coming to Nintendo Switch?

No, Sniper Elite 5 is not arriving on Switch anytime soon according to Rebellion. The developer says "there are no plans for it at the moment" which is disappointing news for fans of Sniper Elite 4 which released on Switch.

There's a chance Rebellion could launch a port of Sniper Elite 5 on Switch later down the line but if you're looking to play the game as soon as it releases, it's only available on Xbox, PlayStation, and PC. If we do hear information about a Switch version, we will update the article with any new intel.

If you're still undecided on whether to pick up Sniper Elite 5, take a look at the trailer below to see Karl Fairburne in action.

Sniper Elite 5 will release on May 26, 2022 on PC, Xbox, and PlayStation platforms. There's always a chance Rebellion changes its mind on a Switch version of the game so there's still hope! For more on how the game works, check out our guides on how to play co-op and how to get a silencer and suppressed ammunition.

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