Skyrim Modder Brings Yorkshire Tea to Tamriel

A screenshot of Yokesheer Tea in Skyrim.
Credit: dbs156 on Nexus Mods.

A screenshot of Yokesheer Tea in Skyrim.
Credit: dbs156 on Nexus Mods.

The land of Skyrim is home to a lot of tasty foods and drinks, even if you’ve set aside all of the garlic to make a sword.

However, if, having made this rare weapon and used it to slice your way through a horde of rude NPCs or despicable minions, you might find yourself craving a refreshing beverage from the real world.

Well, thanks to one Skyrim modder, your dream of having a true British cuppa while sitting by the fire in The Bannered Mare or The Sleeping Giant Inn has now come true.

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The mod that delivers this delicious drink to you is called ‘Yokesheer Tea - A Perfectly Balanced Mod With No Exploits’ and is the work of modder dbs156, who is also responsible for the aforementioned garlic sword and for making the shields in its Special Edition protect you from magic.

Now, however, they’ve used their modding powers to bring Yorkshire Tea to Skyrim in a manner that the mod’s inspiration, YouTuber The Spiffing Brit, would likely approve of.

In practice, the mod means you’ll be able to brew three different variants of the copyright-friendly Yokesheer Tea via the game’s cooking pots, with kettles not having been invented by Tamriel’s poor and previously tealess inhabitants yet.

A screenshot of Yokesheer Tea in Skyrim.
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Credit: dbs156 on Nexus Mods.

Luckily, these sad masses can now enjoy a cup of regular Yokesheer Tea, which fully restores the drinker’s health, magicka, and stamina and is pitched as “finely brewed tea for the discerning adventurer”, whenever they like.

Or, if they’re watching their caffeine levels, Yokesheer Tea Decaf is available to make their health, stamina, and magicka regenerate 100% faster for 600 seconds, while limiting the level of excess energy it bestows.

Meanwhile, for the richest of the rich and the true tea connoisseurs, there’s Yokesheer Gold, which claims to be “the most exquisite tea ever brewed” and is also “said to be the essence of the Divines in tea form”, granting the drinker the litany of positive buffs including increasing health, stamina, and magicka by 1k points and curing any and all diseases.

This is the one that might be a bit OP and cause problems for your game by virtue of the sheer amount of effects it activates at once, so make sure it’s not just mead you're drinking responsibly.

Dbs156 also states that they don’t intend the mod to cause any offence to the British people, so you can relax and sip away knowing that the creator of your beverage respects the culture of our wonderful, if a bit depressing, island.

So, pour yourself a cup, put your feet up and make sure to follow us for more updates on The Elder Scrolls 6 and the wacky world of Skyrim modding.

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