Skyrim Mod Brings Gordon Ramsay Level Culinary Excellence To Tamriel

An image of some food in Skyrim.
Credit: HANKDTANK on Nexus Mods.

Desperate to taste a dragon egg omelette or tuck into some netch jerky?

Well, if you find vanilla Skyrim’s food to be a little bland and in need of more seasoning to spice it up or fancy roleplaying as one of the many infinitely quotable chefs that have graced our TV screens over the years, a new mod might be just what you’re looking for.

Created by a team of indie developers called Northward Games, the mod in question is named "Cooking Adventures in Skyrim (CAS)" and completely overhauls the game’s cooking systems.

Skyrim Mod Brings Culinary Excellence To Game

Designed to rival Skyrim’s gargantuan alchemical offerings, the new cooking system features a bunch of new recipes and ingredients that’ll allow you to make over 55 new dishes to consume yourself or attempt to make NPCs eat.

The mod also adds three new cooking workbenches in the form of a large fireplace-based cooking station, a meat smoker and a brewing station.

The latter two are of particular interest, allowing you to smoke choice cuts from boar to spider, which will bestow health buffs and combat bonuses and brew your own homemade wines and teas, which supply stamina and sneak perks.

If you want a look at the mod in action before you download, check out this video, which showcases some of the additions:

Beyond this, the mod also adds an array of new chefs to the game’s world, many of whom will be chopping and dicing away in new chef workspaces added to taverns and inns.

Though, that’s not all, as a few eccentric cooks can be found searching for rare ingredients, which you’ll need to follow rumours of to find, as there are no quest markers pointing to them.

Plus, as a bit of a dessert, there’s also an optional player home plugin included that will add The Gourmet's Hideout, a remote home near Solitude named for the chef from the Dark Brotherhood questline, where you can cook away in peace.

So fire up your oven or, if you’re looking for info on The Elder Scrolls 6, here’s what we know so far.

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