Sims 4 Prom King and Queen - How To Become Prom Royalty

How To Become The Sims 4 Prom King And Queen

How To Become The Sims 4 Prom King And Queen

Teenagers in The Sims 4 are finally getting some fleshed-out activities and some fresh gameplay specific to their age with the High School Years expansion pack. Here's how to rule the school and become Sims 4 Prom King and Queen, or Sims 4 Prom Royalty as it appears in the game.

The latest expansion features the new world of Copperdale, and its pride and joy: Copperdale High School. Complete with a football field and auditorium, players can now follow along with their young Sims' day as they learn more than just the curriculum.

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How To Become Prom Royalty In The Sims 4

Sims 4 Prom Royalty voting
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The pivotal event of any Sims' high school career is the prom. High School Years brings this into Sims 4, and it is a fun, social event held in the auditorium. Get your Sims dressed to the nines and grab a glass of punch in preparation for the Prom Royalty being announced!

There are two options for titles that Sims can earn at the prom: Prom Royalty, and Prom Jester. Both of these are based on a voting system.

A new item in the game, that resembles a fancy double-sided signboard with a small box attached, allows Sims to vote for their choice of Royalty and Jester.

All your Sim(s) needs to do is interact with the item, and choose to vote for Royalty. This will bring up a screen with all available options. Choose which Sim you want to vote for, and there you go!

At some point during the Prom gameplay, the headteacher of the school will take to the stage and announce the winners at the podium. The selected Sims will automatically walk up on stage to receive their crown... or Jester hat. There is a notification in the top right of the screen that announces the names so you can double-check if your Sim scored the crown!

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