The Sims 4 High School Years Pre Order: Bonuses, Price, and More

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Get ready to rule the school or hide in the bathrooms with the latest Sims 4 expansion pack - High School Years. With EA having just dropped the announcement on Twitter via the official account, High School Years pre orders have now gone live.

Releasing towards the end of July, the new pack features all aspects of high school life, giving a huge new range for playing as teenaged Sims navigating their way through the world.

Here's our round-up of all the content in High School Years. If that's not enough, check out our ranked list of all the expansion packs (which we'll add High School Years to soon), our guide to all the Sims 4 cheats, and the best mods to improve gameplay.

Sims 4 High School Years Pre Order Details

Pre orders for the new expansion, High School Years, are now live across a few sites. It doesn't release until July 28, 2022, so there is a chance that more will come out. For now, these are what we've seen:

Pre Order Bonus

Pre-order bonuses for Sims 4 High School Years
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For those who can or want to buy the pack through the Origin store, there's a cool little extra thrown in - the Vibing Streamer Gear items! This includes LED panels, a gaming chair, and a wireless speaker to properly accent your young streamers' room. This bonus ends on September 8, so you have all summer to grab it.

Packaged products come with a code for these items, and must be redeemed by September 8, 2023. Any digital items are automatically added to the game.

How Much Is Sims 4 High School Years?

High School Years retails at £34.99 / $39.99, the same as all Sims 4 expansion packs.

What's In The Sims 4 High School Years Expansion?

The new pack will, in true Sims fashion, bring a new world into the game. This time, its called Copperdale, and has seven lots. These include the high school, hangout spots, and at least one housing option.

High School Years will bring a mountain of social activities and options including prom, clubs, and sports, as well as new clothing and cosmetics.

For all the information on the upcoming pack, you can check out EA's official page, right here.

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