How to Ask Someone to Prom in the Sims 4 High School Years

sims 4, ask someone to prom

sims 4, ask someone to prom

Prom is a huge part of high school culture, especially in the US, and now it's a pivotal part of our Sim's school career too. Here's how to ask someone to prom in the Sims 4, and create a Promposal in High School Years.

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How to Ask Someone to the Sims 4 Prom

Asking someone to accompany you to a dance can be a daunting task. But not for Sims - just click your target and they'll do it with no hesitation!

Sims can ask their hopeful dates if they'd like to go to Prom with them as friends, as a romantic couple - which is the general 'Ask to Prom' option - or ask them to skip Prom entirely.

You can also present your Promposal sign to the other Sims too, if you want a more extravagant gesture.

How to Do A Promposal In the Sims 4

Promposal signs are needed if your Sim wants to go all out and propose Prom to another teen. These are super easy to make. Click your active Sim, choose 'Prom', and then 'Create a Promposal Sign'.

Your Sim will get straight to work, and whips out some cardboard and a can of paint and makes the sign right there on the floor. The outcome can vary, as the signs can have different levels of quality.

Sims 4 Promposals
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However, just because you get down on one knee and confess your will to go to the dance with someone, does not mean they will say yes. Even if your Sim is in a form of romantic relationship with the askee, they can still get rejected.

These rejections will cause negative moodlets, like the 'Super Embarassed' moodlet, and will damage your relationship with the person.

How Do I Know If My Sim Has Been Asked to Prom?

Other Sims in the world can ask your Sim to Prom, too. This will come up as a pop-up, and you'll need to either confirm or deny their request. As of yet, we're not sure if other Sims can autonomously perform Promposals.

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