Second Extinction: How to Get Rocket Launcher

It might not be the most talked-about multiplayer game out there, but Second Extinction has proven to be a fairly popular shooter thanks to the unique three-player set-up and the fact that you get to shoot dinosaurs.

While it’s a shame that Second Extinction doesn’t offer cross-play between PC and Xbox Series X or Xbox One, the fact this game has a decent amount of buzz behind it, not to mention five fully-supported seasons, could mean that we get that feature in the future.

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Second Extinction: How to Get Rocket Launcher

Second Extinction has a good number of weapons you can kill dinosaurs with, and we’re here to tell you how to get the game’s Rocket Launcher.

We hope you’ve been playing this game a lot because if you want to blow these dinosaurs to smithereens, you’re gonna have to reach Level 15 in Second Extinction and have 2,000 research, so make sure to grind it out.

A good number of players have been wondering when the Rocket Launcher in Second Extinction would become available for purchase, so now they know, and here’s hoping they have a great time killing even more dinosaurs.

Now that Second Extinction has five seasons under its belt and more that will hopefully come, this could become a must-have multiplayer shooter in the future, one that Microsoft has put in Xbox Game Pass, albeit the Preview version.

Second Extinction is a three-player multiplayer shooter and is available now on PC via Windows, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S.

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