How to Get Ammo in Second Extinction

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Second Extinction might not be a game with a ton of buzz but it’s still a fairly fun game to many, giving fans a fun game where they collect materials from killing dinosaurs and few things are more appealing than that.

While shooting dinosaurs is a fairly satisfying gameplay loop, especially when you get free stuff for it, some of the missions in Second Extinction can go a bit too long and players can run out of ammo, forcing them to be strategic with their equipment.

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How to Get Ammo in Second Extinction

There are ways to refill your ammo in Second Extinction but you only really have two options and, spoiler alert, one of them is just finding ammo packs during your missions.

Honestly, the only other way to get more ammo in Second Extinction is to just equip an ammo kit before the mission starts.

When you’re playing with other players that need ammo in Second Extinction, you can throw the ammo kits you’ve equipped so they can get it.

Throwing ammo doesn’t automatically refill your allies weapons so it’s a bit of a free-for-all in that regard, so make sure your allies aren’t dicks and they should be fine.

Also, try to be strategic with your weapons, saving the big ones for some of the fiercer enemies, though a lot of them will be putting up a fight, being dinosaurs and all.

Second Extinction is available now on PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S, with the Preview Edition also available on Xbox Game Pass.