Scavengers: Claim 1500 Free Credits through Early Access

Scavengers, a brand new team-based battle royale title from Midwinter, has just released in Early Access.

Here's how you can claim your free reward in Scavengers right now...

Free Credits

Right now, you can get a free Early Access bonus that features 1,500 free credits as a one time reward.

To claim your reward head over to the store page. Before this, you will have to complete the first tutorial mission, if you haven't already.

After completing the tutorial you'll be left at the home screen. The game doesn't give you anything to say you have your reward, so head straight to the store page and redeem your free Early Access bonus.

With your new currency, you can purchase a few different in-game characters that cost 1,150 credits, so you can get one of these off the bat.

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However, as Scavengers has just launched there isn't too much to spend your credits on. If a character doesn't interest you, we recommend waiting until more content is added to the game.

Early Access Launch

Scavengers just launched in it's Early Access phase back in April. Midwinter, the developers of Scavengers have said they plan to release the game in it's full state later this year.

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We hope this early access reward will be available right up until launch. But with nothing confirmed, we recommend you grab your reward as soon as possible.

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