Scavengers Early Access Now Available To All PC Players After Suffering Server And Key Issues

After launching into limited early access earlier this week, Midwinter Entertainment has now given all PC players access to Scavengers' Early Access.

As reported by Eurogamer, this comes after the developer exhausted its supply of Steam keys for the game, which were exclusively available via a Twitch Drops event.

After using up all the Steam keys, Midwinter began to hand out Epic Games Store codes but then ran into server issues preventing players from getting hands-on with the game. Alongside these issues, there were reports that eligible Twitch viewers didn't receive their codes.

As a result, early access for Scavengers will be available to all PC players on Steam and the Epic Games Store from 5 PM UK time today, May 1.

More than 100,000 people have already checked out the early access build of Scavengers, despite the server issues, according to the developer.

Described as a "strategic survival battleground", the game pits you as a soldier, taking on a hostile alien planet and fighting for survival, scavenging for items, upgrades, and materials, and capturing datapoints.

Scavengers is a unique blend of objective-based traditional gameplay and multiplayer action, with some battle royale-esque mechanics thrown in.

So far, the early access period has been a success and the game will also be coming to PS4 and Xbox One when it fully launches out of early access. If you want to read up on everything we know about Scavengers, you can see our informative article here.

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