Scavengers: How To Get Early Access

Scavengers, the new shooter from Midwinter Entertainment and Improbably, will arrive on early access on PC next week.

Players will get the chance to go hands-on from April 28 and experience the game's unique 'co-opetition' gameplay, a mix of PvP and PvE content.

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Scavengers: How To Get Early Access

Scavengers takes place in a snowy world where players need to brave both the elements and hostile creatures to survive.

You'll work together with teammates until such a time as they aren't useful anymore, and can then go your own way and leave them for dead.

Gaining early access to the game is a little less cutthroat, though. Originally Early Access was available through Twitch Drops, but after running into key distribution issues and server problems, Midwinter Entertainment has given all PC players early access.

So, all you need to do is download the game from either Steam or the Epic Games Store.

“Kicking off our Early Access with Twitch will give new fans a way to learn about Scavengers from the community,” Josh Holmes, CEO and co-founder of Midwinter Entertainment explained.

“Going ‘always-on’ with Early Access means we can significantly expand our ability to tune the game, implement new systems, and take in more feedback from all of our players. This is a major milestone ahead of our full launch later this year.”

If you miss the chance to get involved, don't panic – there will be a wider early access window and the game is also coming to consoles.

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