Salt and Sacrifice - Best Starting Crimes

Image of the character near a neon lake in Salt and Sacrifice.

Ready to tow the line of criminality? Our guide to the best Salt and Sacrifice starting crime will help you choose which perk to select in the new metroidvania. Each one comes with a different starting item that can totally change your character's stats, so it's key that you know how each one worls.

In this Salt and Sacrifice guide, we'll run through all the different starting crimes in the game. There are twelve in total to explore, while we also recommend a few that stand head and shoulders above the rest. With that information under your wing, it should be much easier to make what initially seems like a tough decision.

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What Is the Best Salt and Sacrifice Starting Crime?

As we see it, there are three starting crimes in Salt and Sacrifice that best equip you for the adventure ahead. Since each crime comes with a different benefit, working like a class system, a couple of them have boosts that outmatch the others.

The first we'd recommend choosing is Forgery. While it's a rather tame crime compared to some of the others on the list, it means you start with the Forged Deed item. More than just a piece of paper, it lets you sell your house to Shopkeeper Arnold from early in. This is a great way to bag some cash at the very early stages of the game, which can set you up nicely in terms of purchasing new items and upgrades later on. Therefore, if it's an early cash injection you're looking for, then Forgery could be the crime for you.

Additionally, you may want to choose Blasphemy as your starting crime in Salt and Sacrifice. Doing so earns you the Censer of Harmony, which lets you command wild creatures to attack hostiles closing in on you. If you ever find yourself in a spot of bother that you can't fight your way out of, it's a get out of jail free card in the shape of a starting crime.

Our last pick for useful Salt and Sacrifice starting crimes is Ursury. Its uses are far more straightforward, as it grants you a simple bag containing 1,000 Silver. Nothing more, nothing less - a very straightforward dose of currency you can use to craft and spend in those crucial early stages of gameplay.

Image of the player character fighting in Salt and Sacrifice.
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What Are Salt and Sacrifice Starting Crimes?

Starting crimes in Salt and Sacrifice are like choosing your species or class in an RPG. They imbue you with specific buffs or backstory tweaks, while also providing an exclusive item to get you started - one which you wou;dn't get for picking a different starting crime.

There are a total of twelve starting crimes in Salt and Sacrifice, each with their own unique starting item. While they likely won't have a huge impact once you're quite deep into the game, in the early stages of Salt and Sacrifice they can help shape how you start off.

All Salt and Sacrifice Starting Crimes

Check the table below to see all twelve of the starting crimes in Salt and Sacrifice, as well as the starting items and effects they provide, depending on which one you choose.

Starting crime
Starting item
Phlogiston Decoction x3
A throwable potion that attacks enemies from a distance.
Fire Bomb x5
Ranged bombs that attack enemies on impact.
Censer of Harmony
Affects wild creatures, making them attack hostiles.
Cutthroat's Dagger
Boosts stamina stats.
Cracked Wineskin x5
Makes the character drunk.
Forged Deed
Allows you to sell your house to Shopkeeper Arnald.
Krine Tablet
Unlock 5 Dawnlight Tokens.
Lock of Hair
A sentimental item with no clear use.
Signal Lantern
Lets you communicate with sailors by flashing a clear beam of light.
Signet Ring
A gold ring owned by a renowned family.
Bag of Silver
1,000 Silver
Wooden Doll
A doll made of wood. Nothing more, nothing less!

That's it for our look at the best starting crimes in Salt and Sacrifice! We've gone over exactly what these unique perks are, which ones we recommend choosing, and the overall benefits of them all. As such, you're ready to go out there and choose the starting crime that'll serve you best in this deep roguelike RPG!

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