New Saints Row Trailer Highlights the Reboot’s Open World

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Saints Row is making a comeback next year through an invigorated re-imagining of the franchise. After previously showcasing the game's expansive list of characters and customisation, a new trailer has been released that places a spotlight on its new city, Santo Ileso.

Volition's Creative Director, Brian Traficant breaks down three significant territories, each of which is controlled by various criminal organisations.

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New Saints Row Trailer Highlights the Reboot’s Open World

Santo Ileso's world will consist of 15 districts, each with its own distinct feeling and visual appearance. Players and their crew will be pitted against three criminal organisations, who each own an expansive territory in Santo Ileso:

  • Rancho Providencia - controlled by Los Panteros, those of whom are born and raised in Santo Ileso. The industrial area is rough and gritty with interesting weather effects.
  • Lakeshore District - an urban, skyscraper-infused region that is owned by the Marshall group.
  • Monte Vista - full of gated communities, The Idol is a rich and powerful organisation that hosts outrageous parties in their big homes.

We also caught glimpses of Saints Row's explorative side, as we witness various terrains and landmarks. From monuments to mountains, Traficant states that points of interest will reward players when discovered. Santo Ileso also contains a plethora of easter eggs like a phone booth titled 'Turdis', a reference to BBC's Doctor Who.

With Saints Row set to release on February 25, 2022, an expansion pass is already being planned for the reboot.

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