Avowed Gameplay Detailed In New Report, Described As 'Outer Worlds Meets Skyrim'

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Avowed was revealed last year and looks set to offer first-person action within a fantasy world. We've not seen anything about it since then, though a new report has shed light on several gameplay elements.

As reported by Windows Central, this upcoming fantasy RPG will be heavily inspired by the Elder Scrolls series. Featuring two-handed combat and wizard spells, destructible environments were also teased.

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Avowed Gameplay Details Emerge, Described As 'Outer Worlds Meets Skyrim'

Multiple sources stated the game will include "multiple class playstyles" along with Skyrim's well-established dual-weapon combat. But right now, the system appears to be more in-depth, as you could utilise a combination of daggers, swords, bows, spells, and more.

This adventure is also set within the Pillars of Eternity universe, so it'll include many familiar aspects for fans. From weapon enhancements to the re-appearance of beasts like Xaurips, certain spells will also make a return:

Wizard spells like Jolting Touch, which can fry enemies with forks of lightning, will be present. Two-handed spells like Fireball are conjured using complex-looking hand gestures, but decimate enemies in a storm of magma and fire. I also saw status effect spells like Fetid Caress, imbuing enemies with corrosive poison.

Windows Central also commented on the game's visuals and exploration, as Avowed reportedly feature a range of locations: luminescent caves, lush flora, and even skeleton-infested tombs. The RPG was previously rumoured to be on a bigger scale than Skyrim and based on these descriptions, it certainly looks that way.

Avowed Burning Arrows
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Avowed's destructive environments will supposedly play a big part in its gameplay:

We've even heard of destructible environments, using lit torches and fire spells to burn down blocked entryways too. Fire spells leave areas coated in flames too, which cascade against walls and floors.

Working on both The Outer Worlds 2 and Avowed, Obsidian is deep into development on both games. While Avowed has yet to receive a release date, previous rumours indicated that the RPG might launch in 2023 or even beyond.

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