Saints Row Devs Reveal More Details On Customisation And Characters

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Saints Row will be rebooted for a new generation next year. With its back-to-basics approach, a few reactions to the latest entry have been somewhat hesitant. But Volition has released a statement assuring long-term fans that the game will live up to the franchise's roots, while also unveiling more specifics on the game's tone and customisation.

Volition's latest statement starts off by promising that the game is in fact a "Saints Row game through and through", while also noting how the developer is listening to feedback from fans.

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Saints Row Devs Reveal More Details On Customisation And Characters

That statement also notes the game's extensive customization options, making it the franchise's most in-depth system yet. It will feature four male and four female voices, a large garage of vehicles, and even the return of layered clothing.

Saints Row's expansive sandbox environment of Santo Ileso has been deemed as bright and vibrant, while also consisting of surprising easter eggs. Emphasis has also been placed on its music catalog, going in line with the franchise's "excellent music taste."

The game will allow players to build their own criminal empires from scratch, making it somewhat different from previous entries which consisted of the user joining an organization. To pull this off, Volition details their approach in making the founding Saints as interesting and relatable as possible:

Here’s a bit more about our new Saints:
  • Neenah is the best getaway driver in the business and has a long association with Los Panteros. She wants out of the gang life but leans into it for the sake of her crew. Neenah has had a deep-seated love of cars all her life and knows them inside out. When it comes to getting her hands dirty, Neenah is a natural.
  • Kevin is part of the Idols when we first meet him, he knows how to get attention and make some noise. He’s their top DJ and people pleaser who knows the guy who knows the guy; he loves people, is super loyal to his friends and he’d do anything for them. Loud and brash, he’s also a thrill seeker.
  • Eli is a business mastermind, making money is more important to him than the moral issue of how that money is made. Eli is driven and determined, and doesn’t mind too much if a few people get hurt along the way. He came to Santo Ileso to make his fortune as an entrepreneur, to build a business for himself. He just didn’t realize at the time that the startup he was going to build was a criminal empire.
  • Finally, the Boss. Regardless of your look you are the ultimate murder machine, that shoots first and asks later. The Boss is over-confident, and doesn’t do well following orders. Ultimately the Boss is you – you get to decide who you want to be and do things you want to do, become Self Made and form the new Saints. Of course the customization options allow you to literally make the Boss how you want them to look and speak too.

With Saints Row set for a February 25, 2022, release, an expansion pass is already being planned for the reboot.