Saints Row The Third Remastered - Save Data Transfer Guide: PS4 to PS5, Xbox One to Xbox Series X|S

Following last year's release of Saints Row: The Third Remastered, publishers Deep Silver released a next-gen upgrade earlier today. Launching on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S, that's now running at 4K resolution with 60fps performance, and previous Xbox One and PS4 players can claim it as a free upgrade.

Better yet, Deep Silver revealed saves can be transferred over between the generations, letting you pick up your previous progress, should you wish. If you're looking for how to do that, here's what you need to do.

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PS4 to PS5

  • Step 1 - Save your progress on the PS4 version and close it down.
  • Step 2 - Install the PS4 version on your PS5.
  • Step 3 - Install the PS5 version on your PS5.
  • Step 4 - Load up the PS5 version, which will start a synchronisation process.
  • Step 5 - Once synchronisation is complete, you can continue your playthrough where it was last saved.

Xbox One to Xbox Series X

  • Step 1 - Save any progress on the Xbox One version and close it down.
  • Step 2 - Install the Xbox Series X|S version on the Xbox Series X|S.
  • Step 3 - Wait for the cloud synchronization process to conclude.
  • Step 4 - After cloud synchronization is complete, your Xbox One save files will appear on the Xbox Series X|S, letting you continue your playthrough.

Can You Transfer Between PlayStation and Xbox?

Unfortunately not, nor can you transfer any saves from the PC version. Cross-saves are only compatible between PlayStation and Xbox's respective families of consoles.

What If It Doesn't Work?

You can directly raise the issue with Deep Silver through this link.

However, should transfer be interrupted, they suggest PS5 owners restarting this process from Step 4, providing both editions are installed. As for the Xbox Series X|S, cloud synchronisation is estimated to take around 15 minutes once the Xbox One version has been closed.

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