Sable Riding the Wave Walkthrough: How to Get a Shiny Mask to Scare the Bird

While exploring the Sodic Wastes in Sable you may run into the Riding the Wave quest. you'll need to use geysers to climb up a huge stone structure. There's a climber at the top who gives you another part of the quest, which involves using a Shiny Mask to scare a bird away from its eggs. In this guide we'll explain how to get a Shiny Mask and complete this quest. Let's get climbing!

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Sable Riding the Wave Walkthrough

Once you have started the Riding the Wave quest, you will need to climb to the top of the stone structure you're currently underneath. Look for geysers that will propel you upwards. Go between them to reach the campsite at the top.

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There's a climber up here that you will need to speak to. They will task you with scaring away a bird perching up over the clifftops. You will need a Shiny Mask to do so. Before heading up there, we strongly recommend upgrading your stamina, as it isn't possible to reach the bird without a boost to the base gauge.

How to get a Shiny Mask

The 'Shiny Mask' doesn't really exist in Sable. Instead, you need to read the descriptions of the masks you have currently. It's the Machinist Mask you want, as it has a 'polished surface'. Equip it and then climb up to the bird. There are some geysers nearby to help you do this.

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Climb up towards the bird's perch while wearing the Machinist Mask. This will scare the bird off, allowing you to get at its eggs. Take the eggs back down to the Climber to receive a Climbers Mask and complete the quest.

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