Sable: How to Increase Stamina

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You'll be doing a heck of a lot of climbing in Sable, as you explore derelict ships and high-up mountain tops. You'll need stamina to do so, which will slowly drain as you climb. As such, how high you can climb will rest solely on your stamina. Luckily it can be increased, even if the game doesn't really tell you how to do so. In this guide you'll find info on increasing your stamina in Sable, so that you can climb for longer before losing your grip.

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Sable: How to Increase Stamina

Despite there being very little info on it, you can indeed increase your stamina in Sable. You will need to visit an area of the map called the Chum Lair. This is where you can trade in any eggs that you have found. These are generally found in derelict ships and up in high structures. Once you have five of them, go to the location shown on the map below:

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We've covered this area in more detail in our Chum Egg guide. You just need to head to this location to meet a character that has the ability to increase your stamina. Your stamina determines how long you can climb or hang before falling. You will need to upgrade it as you go, as certain areas cannot be fully explored with only the base amount of stamina. If you've played Breath of the Wild you will have no issue here.

There are a few upgrades that can be applied to your stamina. Each adds a extra rings around your gauge. You will notice this when climbing, with each upgrade adding a significant amount each time. You'll also be able to sprint for longer.

That's how to increase your stamina in Sable. For more help with the game be sure to check out our guide on finding Llhor. Elsewhere there's our look at changing the colour of your bike.