Sable: Searching For Llhor Walkthrough

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If you met the Atomic Priest in Eccria, you will have picked up the Searching For Llhor quest for Sable. This will take you all across the map hunting Llhor down. it can be hard to work out exactly where to look, in the Sodic Wastes, Sleeping Sisters, a Path of Archers. We'll detail exactly where you need to go to find her, including how to follow the archer statues.

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Sable: Searching For Llhor Walkthrough

You'll need to visit three NPCs as part of the Searching for Llhor quest. These are marked on your map at Burnt Oaks, marrow Bone and Seven Sisters. You will get the following clues from speaking to these characters:

  • Burnt Oak: Llhor might be found in the Sodic Wastes.
  • Marrow Bone: Look for Sleeping Singers, a set of stone whales
  • Seven Sisters: Llhor left to follow the path of the Archer.

With these three clues, we can start to look for Llhor. Let's start by heading up to the Sodic Wastes, located in the North-eastern corner of the map.

Sleeping Singers: A Set of Stone Whales

The Sleeping Singers are a rock formation found in the Sodic Wastes. You don't actually need to visit these at all, just head to the next marker detailed below.

Sodic Wastes Location


The Sodic Wastes are the area in the North-eastern corner of the map. Go to the Cartographer here and buy the map. this will allow you to follow the directions to Llhor more closely.

Path of the Archer Location

You'll be able to head to the location shown above, which will be a small statue of an Archer. this brings us to the third and final part of the quest. Now, you need to follow the Archer statues. Each will be pointing its bow at another one. Just follow their lines of sight. We've detailed this process below.

Following the Archers

Starting at the Archer shown in the screenshot above, look where they are pointing their bow. Walk in this direction until you reach another statue.


You'll need to climb to find this statue, increasing your stamina can really help here. Once again, follow the line of sight to the next statue.

This next statue is broken. Look out into the surrounding area. The broken bow on the ground points in the right direction to look. You should see a statue on top of a tall pillar. Glide down to it to continue the path.


You don't need to climb up here, just note the general direction that the archer is pointing in. You'll need to climb to reach this next statue.

Another broken statue here. Luckily its still pointing in the right direction. Take a look around for the next statue.

It's actually a pair of statues at the entrance to a cave. This is where you'll find Llhor. If you're struggling with the statues, we've marked the final location on the map below:


Speak to Llhor about returning to Eccria. She will ask you three questions, you can answer them however you like. She will then head home after giving you an Entertainer's Badge. All you need to do now is head back to Varana at Eccria. Speak to them to complete the quest.

That's all you need to know about completing the Searching For Llhor quest in Sable. For more on the game be sure to check out our guide on making money. Elsewhere there's our look at Changing the colour of your bike.