Sable Orange Ringed Delights: How to Collect Three Orange-Ringed Beetles

The Orange Ringed Delight quest in Sable will task you with collecting three orange-ringed beetles. This sounds easy at first, except for the fact the beetles are extremely skittish, burrowing as you get too close. You'll need to use the environment to get at them, in a way that isn't obvious at first. Here's how to get the A Hard Place achievement.

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Sable Orange Ringed Delights Walkthrough

Once you have picked up the Orange Ringed Delights quest, check your map for where you need to go. I'd recommend looking for the Cartographer in this area first, as it will fill in your map once you've purchased what they have to offer.

Where to find Orange Ringed Beetles

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It's possible that you never actually picked up the quest, and are instead working towards the 'A Hard Place' achievement. Because of this, I've pinpointed the location of Orange Ringed Beetles in the screenshot above. head there to continue on with the hunt.

How to Catch Three Orange Ringed Beetles

The Orange Ringed Beetles are difficult to catch. Once you get within a certain range, they will lock eyes onto you. Get closer and they will burrow into the sand. To get them, look for nests with patches of red stone on the ground. Beetles sitting on them can't burrow, and will stun themselves when they try. This allows you to pick them up.

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Beetles Not Appearing Glitch

During my playthrough, I actually ran into a glitch where the beetles at the nests were not spawning. I found that fast travelling away, saving the game and then exiting helped things. Reload the game and fast travel to the Cartographer's balloon near the nest. Take your bike in and the beetles should appear.

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