Crytek Could be Making Ryse: Son of Rome Sequel

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Will there be a Ryse 2?

Definitely, at least according to noted insider and XboxEra co-founder Nick Baker (Shpeshal Ed).

On a recent episode of The Xbox Era podcast, Baker said his sources all but confirmed Ryse 2, a direct sequel to Ryse: Son of Rome, is happening.

He also said these sources believe it’ll be limited to PC and Xbox, though admittedly, that’s not a huge stretch to imagine.

The original Ryse: Son of Rome released on Xbox One and Windows only, so it would make sense if the sequel followed a similar pattern.

It’s not the first Ryse 2 rumor that’s floated around either.

In 2020, internal documents from Crytek reportedly leaked and showed several games in the works, including Ryse 2.

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Will Ryse 2 Happen?

The rumors are mounting up, so we expect something Ryse related is probably in the works.

While we don’t know if Deep Silver or Crytek are attending E3 2021, it’s possible we could get an announcement at the event this summer.

The Crytek rumors start at 26:20

Ryse 2 Release Date

Naturally, there’s no word yet on a release date for a game that’s yet to be officially announced.

If the game was in development in 2020, as the alleged leak documents suggested, then late 2021 or mid-2022 would be possible release dates.

Ryse 2 Trailer

See above.

A trailer will likely accompany a Ryse 2 announcement, and we'll update as soon as that happens.

Ryse 2 Xbox Series X or S?

One thing fans praised the original Ryse on was the quality of its graphics.

While the Xbox Series S doesn’t have the same power as its bigger counterpart, we’re not yet at the point where it can’t actually handle more demanding games.

If Ryse 2 releases after 2022, it’s possible we could see a Ryse 2 Xbox Series X exclusive situation, but that’s just speculation.

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