Rust Patch Notes (February 2022): PC and Console Updates, Latest Changes, and More

The multiplayer survival video game Rust has been around since December 2013. It might have been in early access, but the game has steadily improved over time, leading to its eventual launch on consoles for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in 2021.

However, the two games are not the same. Rust: Console Edition is actually quite different from the traditional PC version of the game. For one thing, it doesn't have all the same features as the PC game.

The monthly updates are also wildly different, with the PC version normally pushing 'new' features and the console edition playing catch up with features that have existed on PC for a number of years.

As a result, there's a need to keep track of the patch notes for each game different. On this page we'll keep you abreast of the game's latest changes as they happen. We'll be tracking the game's most recent patch notes for both the PC version of the game and the Rust Console Edition. Keep reading for the latest patch notes for each platform at the time of writing.

Rust PC Patch Notes

Below you'll find the latest patch notes for Rust on PC. These updates typically arrive once a month, on the first Thursday of the month. These are the latest updates for the game on the main branch of the game, and not the PTR.

Rust Patch Notes | February 2022 | Arctic Update


  • Added Snowmobile
  • Added Arctic bases
  • Added Spraycan tool
  • Added Polar bear
  • Added fire damage volumes for map makers


  • Native auto walk and toggle crouch options
  • Mute menu for managing muted players (next to chat input box)
  • Added slots for tools in the Tool Cupboard
  • Show total cost to reach items in Tech Tree
  • Show how much Scrap you are holding on the Tech Tree
  • Hide the Cancel button on the respawn screen to prevent accidental disconnects
  • No longer get kicked out of looting if a player suicides while downed
  • Show Patrol Helicopter on map
  • Add option to require holding Jump to dismount vehicles
  • Added popup to show repair costs when a repair fails
  • Show downed teammates in orange in Team UI
  • Added IO outputs to SAM site (similar to Auto Turrets)
  • Added Defender mode to SAM site to defend against MLRS rockets only
  • Can now sort Contacts by last seen
  • Community UI is now scaled by client UI scale setting
  • Add teleport2autheditem command (similar to teleport2owneditem)
  • Using "ent who" on a sleeping bag will now show who the bag is assigned to
  • Added a keybind to focus the player on the map screen
  • Research bench will now warn you if researching an item that you already know
  • Pattern boomers will now be censored by the censor signs setting
  • Can no longer report the same player more than once every three minutes
  • Physicssteps now admin-only command
  • Hobo barrel can now be picked up
  • Hobo barrel can now be repaired
  • Reduced inventory size for crate_fuel
  • Bears no longer spawn in the arctic
  • Bears have less HP
  • Bears are less hostile


  • Fixed some map icons flickering when opening the map
  • Fixed XOR switches sending a small burst of power during server restarts
  • Fixed offset powerplant tire_stack mesh
  • Fixed elevator exploits
  • Fixed MipMap exploit
  • Fixed Phone VM's clipping into the camera at wide aspect ratios


  • Disabled Lunar new year fire crackers

Rust Console Edition Patch Notes

Below you'll find the latest patch notes for Rust Console Edition.

Rust Update 1.30 Patch Notes

Small Oil Rig

  • This offshore monument brings new opportunities for puzzles, loot, and combat. Bring a team to conquer this one.

Large Oil Rig

  • Very similar to the Small Oil Rig, but much bigger with more puzzles, more loot, and protected by a greater number of scientists.

CH47 Event

  • This event can be triggered by hacking the locked crate found on the top level of Oil Rigs, and it will introduce you to a new enemy, the Heavy Scientist.

Heavy Scientists

  • A new and much more challenging NPC.

Multiple Grenade Launcher

  • This powerful weapon can be looted from the Heavy Scientists, and uses 40mm Smoke Grenades, 40mm HE Grenades, or 40mm Shotgun Rounds.

Buoyant Backpacks

  • Loot from players and NPCs killed in water will float on the water’s surface instead of sinking to the bottom of the sea.

New items added to Skin Store

  • We will have some new skin packs to celebrate the release of OFFSHORE BLOWOUT.


Outside of the new content there’s also some changes and fixes being added to the game. These ones should take effect after the patch goes live at 11AM UTC.


  • Increased building blocked zone around the Harbour monument
  • Updated localization files


  • Fixed texture issues on Roadsign Gloves
  • Fixed a bug that could cause players to be kicked when dropping Roadsign Gloves
  • Fixed some skinned items losing their skin when dropped from inventory
  • Fixed missing shadows on road signs
  • Fixed missing collision on a fridge door at the Lighthouse monument
  • Fixed an area where players could get stuck between ice sheets
  • Fixed some skin icons and previews not appearing correctly
  • Fixed barrels clipping through sewer walls in the Airfield monument
  • Fixed binoculars making your eyes go square for a moment

That's everything you need to know about the latest patch notes for Rust, stay tuned for more updates throughout February 2022.

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