Nintendo Officially Gives Up On Failed Wii U As Parts Run Out

A Nintendo Wii U is surrounded by iconic video game characters
Credit: Nintendo

A Nintendo Wii U is surrounded by iconic video game characters
Credit: Nintendo

The Nintendo Wii U has been seen as a joke for years now, with most of its great games already ported on Nintendo Switch. It seems that the company has finally decided to kill the system completely, announcing that they won’t be repairing this system anymore.

According to an official post from the company, they will cease repairs for the Wii U because there are no more parts available. Fans might be able to find shops who might be able to repair their old console, it seems that these fixes are on borrowed time.

“We have run out of parts necessary for repairs, so as of July 3, 2024, we will no longer be accepting repairs for Wii U consoles and peripherals,” tweeted out the company.

Most gamers probably saw this coming since Nintendo announced that they would stop supporting this system’s online services. Everyone already mourned the loss of these eShops and online multiplayer, so it was only a matter of time before repairs went the same way. That’s not to say it’s any less tragic, but it’s the fate of pretty much every last-gen console these days.

Nintendo’s Wii U isn’t the only one to fall victim to lack of support, as Microsoft will be ending support to the Xbox 360 store. Sony was originally going to stop online support for the PS3 and PS Vita, but fan demand stopped that from happening. While the PS3 and PS Vita stores are still open, more of these games are getting de-listed, as the inevitable is happening.

It’s also worth noting that Nintendo is going to release a new console soon, confirming that it’s a successor to the Switch. Since many fans are expecting extensive backwards-compatibility, there’s a good chance that the Switch eShop will live a bit longer. At the least, it’s going to outlive the Wii U, which was never really alive anyway if we’re being honest.

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