Rust Console Oil Rig Update: Latest News, Release Date Rumours, and Everything We Know So Far

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Although Rust has been playable since 2013, the console edition is still only relatively young having launched on PS4 and Xbox in May 2021. Whilst there are a lot of similarities between the games, there's still a lot of content that hasn't been translated over yet. One of the more notable missing features is the in-game monuments, which act as high-level areas, akin to dungeons. Very tough to beat, packed with puzzles, and tricky enemies, but also stacked with loot. One of the more popular monuments in Rust over the years is the oil rigs, and both look set to be coming to the console edition very soon. With that in mind, here's everything you'll need to know about the Rust Console Oil Rig Update.

Rust Oil Rigs Explained

First things first, Rust contains two Oil Rig Monuments. One is generally known as just 'oil rig' whereas another is known as 'large oil rig' because guess what, it's bigger. But in addition, the large oil rig also has almost twice the amount of scientists, heavy scientists and crates. Bigger Oil rig, bigger challenges, and bigger rewards, basically.

Being an oil rig, it's obviously out at sea, so you'll need a boat or helicopter to reach them. You could swim, but it's not recommended (read: stupid).

The below video is related to the release of the oil rig on PC, but still suggest giving it a watch to bring you up to speed on what the Oil Rig brings to the game and how it works:

Will They Add Oil Rig To Rust Console?

Yes, guaranteed. Prior to launch, the dev team at Double Eleven told fans:

We know that you want to see some of the most popular monuments like the Oil Rig and the Cargo Ship in game, as well as new methods of transportation like the horse, for example. Rest assured, some of those features are already being tested internally and we plan to release them in future content updates.

Since launch both the Oil Rig and Large Oil Rig have occasionally been tested on the game's staging branch server (or PTB - Public Test Build). This is where new content is tested before its official release. Although just because something is on the staging server, it doesn't always mean a release date is just around the corner.

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When Is Oil Rig Coming To Rust Console? Latest News -

24 February 2022 -

Hey Survivors! The new Rust Console Edition Patch 1.30 is now available on both platforms. As noted by the dev team, some of the changes will only take effect after the Monthly wipe, which takes place later today at 6PM UTC.

Here are the key details from the dev team:

  • Two of the most requested monuments are being added to the game. Depending on the server you play in, you will have the chance to have the Small or Large Oil Rig available in it. Some servers might even have both!
  • A new NPC, the Heavy Scientist, is being added. This new NPC is much more challenging than the regular scientists and you and your squad will have to face them, if you plan to complete the Oil Rig event and run away with the loot.
  • A new weapon is also being added, the Multiple Grenade Launcher! This weapon has a low chance of dropping from the Heavy Scientists aboard the Oil Rig, and in the right hands it will cause immense destruction. Don’t forget to aim ABOVE your target.
  • And finally, all backpacks now float in the ocean. This means that in those intense fights in the open sea, you will be able to loot your opponents and get some extra resources that can be crucial on your journey.
There's also a new Skin Rotation available with the latest Rust Console Edition update
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There's also a new Skin Rotation available with the latest Rust Console Edition update

23 February 2022 -

Double Eleven has released their new Offshore Blowout Trailer giving players a better look at the game's latest brand new free update.

One interesting additional feature mentioned by the trailer is that Double Eleven are making a change to make backpacks float, so no more lost loot when you're fighting on the open sea.

As a reminder, the update won't go live until February 24 when the next reset takes place.

22 February 2022 -

Get ready because Rust Console Edition has just confirmed that the Oil Rig is coming to the game in two days on 24 February. Check out the new trailer, just below:

31 January 2022 -

The latest dev blog from Double Eleven has confirmed some news on the release for Oil Rig and Large Oil Rig. It looks as though we could see both hit the game's main branch in March, potentially. Here's the full quotes from the dev team:

The Oil Rig still needs more work in terms of optimization and balancing, so we will keep working on it and collecting feedback to see what needs to be improved before releasing it on the main branch. We are planning some performance testing around the Oil Rig in February, so if you are part of the Public Testing Branch and you want to participate, please be sure to keep an eye on our Testing Branch Discord Server.

That’s not all, we also plan to bring the Large Oil Rig back during the month of February to test it and to make sure it’s ready to be put in the main branch with the Small Oil Rig. The name of the update will be Offshore Blowout!
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25 January 2022 -

As per Rust streamer Jade Monkey, one of the game's Discord admins has given a small update on the release plans for Oil Rig and Large Oil Rig.

According to a message sent on January 18, the Small Oil Rig is set to enter the main servers in the game's next major update. As for the Large Oil Rig, this will be the next monument added to the PTB. It had previously been added, but according to Jay, it was removed as it "needed some changes before being brought back for testing".

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