Rocket League Shouldn't Have Voice Chat... Yet

Voice chat in Rocket League is one of the most entertainingly borked features in the game. Nearly everything else works as intended or gets fixed, and then you’ve just got the voice chat option that’s hardly used and barely functional.

If you’ve never tried it out, the voice chat is hidden away in a menu and is activated by shouting as loud as you can. Even then, only a fraction of what you say will be transmitted if anything at all, and even then, it’s far more likely that all that will happen is that players will see an icon telling them you’re talking, but with no noise accompanying it. It’s one of the features that players theoretically want fixing, but honestly, we’re not sure that’s a good idea.

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If The Shoe Fits…

Rocket League gets accused of having toxic players regularly. It’s not even just people on the outside of the game either, SunlessKhan has a lot of videos on the matter, and you basically can’t play for a couple of hours without someone telling you to do something undesirable to yourself. It’s probably just a vocal, angry, minority, but it’s also a fact of the game.

It’s also the main reason why voice chat isn’t a great idea at the moment. Reading these things is one issue, but having them shouted at you over team chat when you just want to tell them you’re rotating to back post (good work too, everybody should rotate to back post) isn’t exactly going to do wonders for your enthusiasm.

What Rocket League needs first is a more robust set of mod tools. There needs to be some kind of auto-modding system and probably a more punishing report system as well. Otherwise, you’re just going to get told to take a long walk off of a short pier, they’ll get banned for a couple of days, and it’ll happen again. We’re not really sure how you start to change a toxic group of players, but they have to go before voice chat in Rocket League is a good idea.

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