Rocket League Spawn Glitch Keeps Players Stuck as Observers

If you’ve played Rocket League recently, you might have been affected by an odd new Rocket League spawn glitch.

The glitch pops up seemingly at random as the game recruits players for matches, and even though it seems to happen mostly during casual matches, some players have been affected in any kind of match.

The Rocket League spawn glitch puts you in first-person mode and leaves you unable to move your car once the match starts, which is obviously not a good thing.

Those affected have found a few ways around the Rocket League spawn glitch, but unfortunately, it seems there’s no way to fix the glitch during the match.

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Rocket League Spawn Glitch Causes

Psyonix hasn’t acknowledged the glitch yet, but for now, it seems like the main cause is linked to readying up after a casual match.

How to Fix Rocket League Spawn Glitch

A few players have reported that leaving the match to join a new queue or waiting for the one-minute timer to expire will keep the glitch from popping up.

Another mentioned a different, more involved fix where they reset their settings to default, then played a few matches, and then restored their settings.

It reportedly kept the issue from recurring, so it’s worth a try if you don’t feel like waiting in a new queue after each casual match.

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