Rocket League Next Could Bring Full Game To Mobile After Sideswipe

It appears that Rocket League Sideswipe may not be the only version of the popular title coming to mobile.

As part of Apple and Epic's ongoing legal battle, presentation information has been revealed about a 2D version of the game for mobile, which we now know as Sideswipe, but also a fresh title which is noted as being "on the horizon" (thanks, Resetera).

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Rocket League Next Could Bring Full Game To Mobile After Sideswipe

The project appears to be dubbed "Rocket League Next", and would offer cross-play on all platforms, as well as cross-progression – including mobile.

Unlike Sideswipe, it appears this "next-generation client" will offer a "full game experience" across all platforms, suggesting this will be a Rocket League experience more akin to the full version on other platforms.

Interestingly, it appears there's a mobile alpha and beta coming first, and testing will kick off later this year (in Q3).

You can find out more from longtime Epic leaker @iFiremonkey who shared some of the presentation documents.

It's clear that there's plenty more to come from this ongoing lawsuit, and it's likely to reveal plenty of fresh information about Epic's titles.

We'll continue to keep you updated. For more on Rocket League's current season, check out all we know here.

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